Audentes Consulting

Audentes Consulting

Audentes comes from Latin and roughly translates to “fortune.” The client envisioned a monogram that would communicate the idea of security and fortune without favoring a particular market.

Stacey's brand design notes "I looked at their target markets and found some similar themes and educational backgrounds. Then I worked in brush and ink to develop the monogram with the A encircled by the C. Inspired by the Latin, Audentes, Ancient Rome became a central theme. I researched a typeface based on the chiseled lettering typical of Roman inscriptions. This also satisfied two of their main client groups in the financial and academic worlds. Imagery in both groups tends to draw on classic Roman design elements to create a feeling of trustworthiness, wisdom, and power."

The website needed to introduce Audentes and then quickly divert visitors to either the oncology drug development risk consulting side of the business or the International political risk assessment side. Stacey created the UI design with Geneva consulting on content strategy and creating the language around what they do.

The team:
Art Direction/UI Design: Stacey Clarke
Content Strategy/Writing: Geneva Bokowski
Web Development: Ashley Radar, RAD Web Marketing

Project image 0: Audentes Consulting Project image 1: Audentes Consulting